Address: Folnegovićeva 10
Parking: Yes
Working time: Mon-Fri 11-23, Sat 12-23
Recommendation: Burger (aprox price 6eur/person)

Into empty halls of the formerly thriving factory of electric bulbs, there have, with the new millennium, moved some new facilities, including the young and tall Dalmatian Marin with most unusual ideas. Marin is a chef. He first “wins” a little house, formerly a porter’s lodge at the entrance to Tež. In it he bakes hamburgers, nothing like McDonalds’ … Burgers are excellent, though no one believes that it is possible to offer such a superior quality of food at such an affordable price. But Marin is obsessed with his vision of the faithful audience, followers, and solid relationship that is based on faith, innovative and honest professionalism.