Croatian Maritime


Mon-Sat 9-20
~ 3€/person
Glagoljaška ul. 18

The Croatian Maritime Museum was founded by Split city council in 1997. Its rich and extensive historic collections were drawn from the Split Maritime Museum, founded in 1925, and the Military Maritime Museum founded in 1962, and several associated maritime heritage collections including marine archaeological finds and artefacts from Brodosplit Museum situated in Split’s shipyard.
The fortress courtyard provides an exhibition space for the larger exhibits in the museum collection. These include the vessel ‘Bakar’, the bow of which dominates the courtyard, and ‘Perina’, a traditional Dalmatian ‘gajeta’, or fishing boat, and one of the oldest surviving vessels on the east Adriatic coast. Built in 1857, it represents centuries of local sailing knowledge and tradition and is one of seven important historic vessels on display.

Inside the museum, the Merchant Maritime Exhibition traces the development of sailing ships from Classical times through to the age of steam. The exhibition begins with an archaeological marvel – a huge ceramic container, or ‘pithos’, dating from around the 1st/2nd century, originally used for storing live fish before sale and consumption. The antique anchors and amphorae that follow are mostly from ancient shipwrecks.